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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Definition of Art

turbaned warrior 1 If the generally accepted definition of the term is 'something which is made which invokes an emotional response in the person viewing it', this means that anything you look at that someone else has made that you either like or hate, or something somewhere in-between - that object or item can be called 'Art'.

Okaaay... So then what happens when you look at nature and feel something - is that Art too?

According to some people I have discussed this with (over coffee and sarnies mostly, so one would think that it is their brains talking and not the alcohol so prevalent in these philosophical discussions) this could be called art too - if the definition of the concept of art is changed slightly to remove the human creative side.

If we do this, we can accept that nature will make art for us to look at. However - the Art of Nature often takes the form of 'moments' - seconds of time where the light is in the right place, or the colours are just so, or where the clouds are arranged momentarily so as to make something we can respond to on an emotional level.

Thus the definition of art could be extended to include 'moments' as well as items/objects. If we then stretch the concept of Art a wee bit further from 'Nature' to include 'Serendipity' as well - sheer chance can make art too.

Perhaps now we can say that Art is something that is made by humans, nature or serendipity (or chance) that causes an emotional response in us.

Assuming this, it clears the path for me to present to you my most recent discovery in the form of cloth art.

turbaned warrior 2 This turbaned Turkish Warrior looked out of the bathtub at me the other morning. It surprised me (it was a face staring out at me, and not just a face - it was a turbaned warrior), then amused me (gosh - here I was in total nudity just getting in the shower and this 'man' was watching me - but how could I be so silly - it was just a wet cloth after all), and then tickled me (I would be safe now I had my very own warrior in my bathroom looking out for me). All in the flash of a micro-second.

Later today the cloth will be picked up and tossed in the washing machine for cleaning, and the art will be lost, the moment gone forever.

So to preserve the moment, I took a photo. To do that I first had to get dressed again. I think I need a camera hard wired into my skull...