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Monday, 6 June 2011

A Thing For Leather

There are so many people out there who have a 'thing' for leather...

Belt Pouch for Gerber Splice and Vice

I sometimes wonder whether it is a perversion, a base desire - a compulsion perhaps, or is it a nod of recognition in the direction of our edible co-inhabitants on this earth?

No matter what - leather is great to touch and makes the best containers. It makes people feel good, and I am a part of the process that enhances peoples' lives. My knife sheaths, pocket, belt and possibles pouches are worn all over the UK by both men and women - those who love leather. And I am proud of it.

There are times when it goes well in the making, when the leather will meld and conform to my hands and moulds, and other times when no matter what - it refuses to obey. There are also times when it works well, and still lets you know that it's the boss.

Belt Pouch for Gerber Splice and Vice

Maybe I am not charging enough. There are more orders than I can handle, I have to regularly close my order books because I can't keep up with the pressure. What's more - customers keep coming back for more. And they are well-prepared to wait the four months or so that it takes to get their orders done. One of them recently said: "I keep coming back to you Jean, because there are a lot of makers out there who's work costs the same and is to be frank crap! Your sheaths are always first class - I will wait!"

That leads me on to the next consideration - pricing. The 'best' price is always the price that the market will bear - the price that is perceived to be value for money. If I set my prices at that 'best' level, does this mean I am greedy, or does it mean that I have the ability and thus the right to make a healthy profit from my work?

Belt Pouch for Gerber Splice and Vice

This causes a dilemma because that then raises the question of why I actually do what I do - because I want to make money, or because I too have a 'thing' for leather...

Which reminds me - I have a show coming up in July - must get on and make some more stock for my shop and table! No commission orders until further notice.

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