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Falconry Hoods and Equipment

What I make and a bit more about it...

As a young adult I was involved in drawing up patterns and tailoring for my own wardrobe, as a mature adult I designed and manufactured all the clothing for my family for nearly 10 years, from casual wear to formal suits and dinner dress. When I discovered falconry (and subsequently leather) and noticed just how badly some of the hoods fit the hawks I saw, I started questioning the hood making process. I was stunned to find that hawk owners will push onto their feathered friend's heads leather caps which actually damage the bird's soft mouth parts.

Determined to learn more about it, I then discovered the 'Slijpers Canon' pattern for hoods and found a man (Gaylen Gerrish) who has modified it to fit hawks properly, especially taking into account the difference in head shapes between accipiters and longwings. He graciously mentored my early hood making experience and freely shared his pattern with me. Using my experience in sewing/tailoring and pattern drafting, and with advice from a former professional hood maker, I made further modifications to make the hoods better in staying on, easier to put together, light proof, stitch free and comfortable for the hawk. Not only that - these hoods invariably fit a well-measured hawk first time with minimal adjustment required. A success story.

And so I now proudly offer you, the hawk-centric raptor owner, a cheaper, UK made, fully glued and stitch free, light proof falconry hood with genuine Goretex™ braces made of top quality veg tan kip with the greatest of care by my fair hands. And when I stop making these for money, I will share my pattern with the world and those who are interested.

To keep your hood safe - I offer falconry hood stores - these come in various sizes to suit the hoods I sell. For displaying your hoods indoors, I sell hand turned falconry hood display stands. Then too, I offer a very limited range of falconry equipment - replacement braces, anklets, etc.

Additional information:

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