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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is simple. We do not share/sell your information at all.

I will never, ever ask you for your bank details or pin number or more personal information than the basic registration/delivery questions ask for.

Your personal details such as email and physical/billing address will be used and stored within the shop exclusively for purposes of order fulfillment and in order to comply with UK law. Paypal is used to accept the payments - they have your card details, not me. With regards to bank transfer payments - again - the bank has your details, not me.

If you sign up to the newsletter option, from time to time you may receive some hopefully interesting or useful information via an email from us, but I do not believe in 'hard selling' or trying to persuade my regular customers to buy more than they would like to or need, so there will be no routine junk mail in your inbox. The only thing I am likely to send is something along the lines of 'new minerals added' when I update Rick's Rox with more specimens from his collection or similar. Newsletter preferences can be changed anytime in your account settings. You are in control.

If you receive anything at all - it will be worth taking the time to read.

Accounts can be deleted on request. In the case of bereavement, please send me an email so I can help you with the process.