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  • Cactus Damsel Olive Dun Shaggy l/s 10

Tied with a gold bead for medium-rate sinking, this is one of the most effective flies I have ever used when the trout are fixated on damsels or dragonfly larvae.  Tried, tested and PROVEN effective pretty well all year round in still waters all over the UK.  I have also used it with success in South Africa and had customer reports from the States where they say cutthroats simply swallowed them whole.

Available in all sorts of colour combinations.

If the trout are nipping at the tail you can either shorten it slightly as I sometimes do, or simply try one of my Jean's Catchfish flies. Also available in different colour combinations. 

Cactus Damsel Olive Dun Shaggy l/s 10

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Tags: Goldhead, Cactus, Stillwater, Nymph, Damsel, Sinking