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Made for the experienced collector of twelfth scale miniatures, this little hollow form has been hand turned out of Pink Acrylic Resin and Black River Buffalo Horn.  It is ready to ship to its new home.

Unique product item code: Jbt11154 (see more about this below)

Size: approx. 18mm high x 16mm in diameter at the widest point
Shown alongside an old British £1 coin for scale.


Turning things accurately takes time and effort. turning things accurately in miniature is whole other ball game completely…

Making these miniature laminated items takes considerable persistence, concentration and time as they are not made from pre-glued up blanks. To start with, I first make a sacrificial wood chuck onto which I glue a ‘base’ that I have sanded flat on one side. Once the glue has dried, I use a lathe to turn the base to shape and true it up, ready to receive the next layer of the lamination (which has also been individually trued on the lathe) for glue-up. Simply sanding the pieces flat before gluing does not provide the perfectly smooth joint and accuracy I require from my finished turnings.

After the second stage has been added, it is then allowed to dry and cure, after which it is turned true once more and if required another (pre-trued) layer added.

Once all the layers have been added, the blank is put in the lathe once more and the outside shape is turned, sanded and finished in exactly the same way as a full-sized turning would be. I then hollow the inside using tools especially made for the purpose. I use specially made thickness gauges  to check that the material is the same thickness all the way through the form, and once the interior is smooth and I am happy with it, I turn the form off the sacrificial wood chuck. I then make a jamming spigot on the end of the wood chuck, and push the form onto that to hold it whilst I finish turn and complete the base.

It is a time consuming activity – and all done in the quest for perfection!

 I love making small things.

A note on the product item number: As I make an item, if it is meant for sale, I photograph it and give it a unique identifying number, a record of which I keep. This number does not change, and is unique to the individual item, which, being hand made, is also unique!

Thanks for looking.

12th Scale miniature Hollow Form of Pink Acrylic Resin and Black Buffalo Horn.

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